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It's a fast-paced world out there.        It's nice to have someone who can help you keep up with the latest marketing ideas and creative concepts to set your business apart from the rest.


As the creative designer and owner of    Marla Elness Design, I offer the flexibility of a home-based business and more than 35 years of experience in advertising and marketing. I'm proud to live in the heart of Sauk Rapids, MN – serving clients in my hometown, St. Cloud metro area and neighboring communities.


My ability to attend to your needs is only a click or a phone call away! When I work  with you, you'll be talking directly to the owner/executive/designer all in one....

no middleman to create delays, miscommunications or upcharges!


Connecting with customers through exciting and innovative ideas is only the start. My goal is to provide an affordable and effective product designed so that amazing things can happen for your business.


Let's begin and get the job done! ii



​MARLA ELNESS  Owner and Designer

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